VPS Hosting Brazil

With a healthy economy, currency and bigger area in South American continent Brazil is a bigger market to get involved. As today’s world is evolving very fast and things which were apart a lot till near past are now in access of everyone and people of every class. Actually, in current era, there is no particular need to have a physical existence in a certain area where you want to sell your services and goods but do tasks virtually through the main stream technology for promoting and advertising through IT infrastructure and networking. How to do that is quite simple, to gain local’s trust you must have a locally hosted machine with a relevant IP address which ensure your higher searchability through search engines as well as make a mutual trust in between your buyer, audience and you. Best way to perform this whole scenario is to get a virtual machine deployed and when it is necessary to have it in a Latin American territory, go for a VPS Server in Brazil. We guarantee perfect machines located in leading Data-Centers of the globe. Brazil VPS Hosting comes with full root access, maintain your resources with dedicated permissions and manage any software you want to install into your allocated server segment. Get your favorite and twitch salaried your project. We offer virtualization through Kernel based Virtual Machine technologies to ensure the management and convenience should live under high moral. There might be a different usage approach for utilization of virtual machine so we allowed about all legit software and technique to make a use of your allocated VM.

VPS Hosting Brazil


Centurylink Tier 3 facility

100 Mbps Connectivity


Host your virtual node in one of two secure datacenters in Brazil, located in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Choose from OpenVZ virtualization technology in São Paulo with Linux operating systems or KVM virtualization technology in Rio de Janeiro with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Both options offer maximum resources, security, and bandwidth to meet your project needs.


Brazil Datacenter

DC I São Paulo

DC II Rio de Janeiro

RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
SSD 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB
PROCESSORS 01 02 04 08 16
TRAFFIC 1000GB on 100Mbps 1000GB on 100Mbps 2000GB on 100Mbps 2000GB on 100Mbps 2000GB on 100Mbps
PRICE / MO USD.34 USD.57 USD.88 USD.129 USD.249

Un-Matched Features

Whether you want to create a blog, voucher site, start a forum, use a CMS, upload to your own photo gallery, sell online with an E-commerce store or you need to do something customized, all you need a Reliable Dedicated Web Host and we are assumed as leaders when one consider Hosting in Brazil.

Unlimited Features

FAST, SECURE, and SIMPLE. That is what you would get by using VPS. physical server which has its own control root access and software platform

Secure Machines

Virtual Private Machine For those of you who want to enhance their own security in the form of port or range of IP on the server.

Huge Resources

Huge server resources (host unlimited web, near to unlimited disk space, email accounts, MySQL, FTP Account Manager, Bandwidth)

Lowest Latency

Basic and most prominent purpose to have a virtualized infrastructure in Brazil is to obtain a lowest Latency and fastest loading speed in this region.

Technical Support

Friendly, easy to be contacted (Email or online chat is supported)whereas ticketing system is already integrated for to the point help.

Flexible Configuration

Access more flexible configuration to perform setup and configuration of the server, full freedom to install. Selective software of your own choice.


If virtualization does not fit for you then go for a dedicated machine.

Cheap VPS Provider Brazil
HOSTINBRAZIL Model: VPS Host Product ID: VPS-1 4.8 based on 7 reviews $39 New

Leading Brazilian VPS Hosting Provider

Are you looking for VPS hosting services in Brazil to operate your application or website on the internet? Well, you are to be acknowledged that it can be a time consuming as well as money consuming phenomenon to choose the best hosting plan for you. This is because one needs to assess the different services by testing and reviewing them. Well, if are looking to assess the values of the hosting providing company then you are to be recommended to assess the company through the following methodology.

  • • Uptime and load time of the hosting provider company must be evaluated.
  • • Customer supports, main features, cost ranges, and limitations, etc. from a hosting provider company must also be evaluated.
  • • What kinds of updates are coming to see throughout the year must also be evaluated.

Anyhow, in order to secure our customers from the hurdles in evaluating the best hosting providers we come with the potential solutions for them. Here at this time by keeping in view the trends of the world we suggest our users get Virtual Private Server, VPS which is also becoming the most favorable trend in Brazil too.

Host IN Brazil is a rapidly growing tech entity, providing server and DNS related services, having versatile specialist in Dedicated Servers. Company has been in business for over seven years now and have become the largest hosting provider in this country. So far we have hosted about 7000 Sites and have a great numbers of clients with dedicated root services who manage their sites and apps their selves.

Cheap Virtual Private Server Brazil

Due to lack of intense modern infrastructure, least attracting market, reliance on American and Canadian datacenters, high charges for imported equipment and lesser technical youth, yet the prices for any kind of location based hosted infrastructure is too high from Brazilian territory. Putting our years of expertise in virtualization containers and destination based platform, we through many tweaks and discounted DC facilities made it possible for international and local public, organization companies to buy virtual private servers in Brazil in cheapest rates but no compromise on standards. Your full customizable server instance comes with full freedom to select your Hardware and software under lowest fraction of prices from most reliable web hosting provider in Brazil: Simplified DNS and rDNS management freedom mean more time for focusing on your business. Feature enrich packages to support your growing needs. Customize your VPS any time, no long contract, upgrade resource while your project grows!. Take 3 Simple Steps and your machine is ready to go! Select your server, fill in billing information and start using your VPS without hassle. Track your resource and enhance more control with extra ad-ones! We Enable auto alerts to avoid CPU, memory or network overuse. Benefits of using our VPS to reduce latency, boost your online visibility and target local audience to boot your online business country wide and globally. Along with all the default features of KVM / OpenVZ nodes, you always have the ability to get any common Linux distribution like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora etc. as well as control panel interfaces like cPanel / WHM for easiest management.

Why Virtualization?


  • Unlike shared hosting, there is no adverse effect of traffic and other activities of other users on VPS.
  • Good Performance:

  • In order to run a successful application or website on internet a good browsing performance does matter. You can get your own allotment of resources through VPS hosting which allows you and your visitors too to get a fast browsing experience.
  • Completely Dedicated Resources:

  • VPS hosting service offers users with more disk space, advanced RAM and CPU which are the main features of completely dedicated resources.
  • Flexibility:

  • In order to choose the operating system and software to install on the server the users are offered complete freedom and flexibility through VPS hosting service.
  • Low Cost and OS Choice:

  • You are being online as a devoted user with any third party sharer but costs are 5 times lesser than of a dedicated machine and at the same time in shared environment you do not have any control on operating system whereas on virtual infrastructure, you can get install your desired OS.

Easy to Customize

99% Server Uptime

24/7 Customer Supports

Need Pre-Sales Assistance?

We always welcome you to ask your queries to us before ordering or even after having services through us. Though we have answered some most asked questions below for your convenience.

Will i get virtual server with Brazilian IP?

Yes, the main goal of us here is to deploy and sale remote connectivity from this region of Latin America.

In which city, your data center located?

We offer VPS hosting through the most common and well renowned area of South America, Brazil, The Rio de Janeiro.

Are your server protected with DDOS?

Though we have DDOS mitigation facility but those machines which will be the cause of DDOS will not be welcomed.

What is your VPS Provisioning time?

usually it take 6 hours to send credentials of a machine but it could take maximum 24 hours.