VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server

A new technology for vitalization experience. Now customize the whole machine as you wish to be like a dedicated server even arrange your own operating system. Installation, configuration, management monitoring and speed the major benefits of Virtual dedicated server we present first time in Brazil.

7x faster Low cost VDS Brazil:

Hostin Brazil presenting VDS hosting in Brazil, latest technology of vitalization that enable a virtual server machine to work like a dedicated server. User has complete root access as well as customization and configuration. Unlike VPS hosting VDS user has edge due to extra control even on operating system. Each VDS has its own CPU allocation, disk storage, memory measures and Operating System. A VPS hosting provider relies on virtualization software, called a hypervisor, to abstract resources on a physical server and provide customers with access to an emulated server, called a virtual machine (VM).

Apart from VDS operation actually runs independently from various servers, it's still virtualized by Hypervisor programming so all machines are supervised inside a typical space. VDS hosting give for all intents and purposes as well as more assets as like a dedicated server.

Get a managed VDS Hosting solution from HostIn Brazil. We offer various packages for every class of users so check out our Virtual Dedicated Server options today.

What is the Difference between VDS vs Dedicated Server Hosting? Let us give you easy to understand one liner, for a whole you invest into a physical machine that is sliced form a dedicated server and have their own resource allocations as like storage, cpu and OS as well. VDS is different from VPS because you have more control power even you manage your own OS, install any type of software that you want for your IT needs.

VDS Packages Brazil

We have package-up different amount of hardware structure for our clients to purchase affordable measures of VDS servers. Just select your machine and deploy your IT project instantly.


$54 / Month

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk Space: 60 GB HD SSD
  • CPU: 1x3.2ghz
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB on 10MBiT
  • Raid: 100% SSD RAID10
  • Control Through: SSH (By Default)


$91 / Month

  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disk Space: 120GB HDD SSD
  • CPU: 2x3.2ghz
  • Bandwidth: 200 GB on 10MBiT
  • Raid: 100% SSD RAID10
  • Control Through: SSH (By Default)


$177 / Month

  • RAM: 16GB
  • Disk Space: 240GB HDD SSD
  • CPU: 4x3.2ghz
  • Bandwidth: 400 GB on 10MBiT
  • Raid: 100% SSD RAID10
  • Control Through: SSH (By Default)

Awesome Features with VDS Brazil

Best Data-Centers

Highest quality of web hosting and services at the lowest prices possible. We offer web hosting service with reliable servers located in Netherlands and USA.

Saleable resources:

You are the manager of your allocated resources, monitor arrange and manage all things about your Virtual Dedicated machine with complete power performance guarantee.

Root Access

With freedom of selective hardware you will get complete root level access to your physical machine, reboot, install or rearrange all your machine with complete isolation.

Multi Hosting Options

Complete hosting solution in Brazil, You may get most affordable full featured hosting stuff with a choice of affordable domain registration in Brazil you would serve quickly without waiting hassle.

Techincal Support

We present in IT industry Africa with industry expert dedicated and trained staff, delivering quality service either its consultation, sales or tech related query we are ready to server 24/7/365

Account Migration

You just pay the resources that you need for your needs, Whenever you wanna migrate from host to host or package to package things would be managed and handled by professionalism.

Best VPS Hosting Company in Brazil

VPS is split to divide a single server into multiple virtual machines, where each virtual machine capable of running its own service, has its own operating system, you can also do other installations. With Linux VPS from Hostin Brazil you as your own dedicated server premises have full access rights in your hands.

Other Type of web Hosting

Web appearance becomes mandatory in today's modern word in this regard we do offer our Hosting services in quite low prices to all. Starting from an individual, to a small medium business and corporation. Registration of .com domain name in Brazil is another important service that we offer. We make this process easy for everyone with a commitment to our clients to give them the best experience about their online image and presence.

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Managed Web Hosting

You are business entity that wanna present portfolio or your services online and never wanna manage whole server things then get our shared hosting a complete managed hosting service with optional panel (cPanle/Plesk Panel).

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Dedicated Servers

Big business entity defiantly need a whole server that comes with strong resources and control, We as leading dedicated server provider company in brazil presenting strongest Xeon series servers with SSD storage under Tire3 security.

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.BR domain

Register country code domain for Brazil in lowest prices. We have huge range of possible internet domain extension, select the best one according to your business entity and register domain in brazil with us. We offer .com as low as US 10$ per year